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Autologous Blood-Transfusion

obr_102Autologous blood-transfusion is the donation of one’s own blood before surgery.

Information for donors
The adequacy of preoperative blood-taking is decided by the indicating doctor on the basis of your medical condition. Before the first blood-taking in our department, call us to set the date and hour of the first blood-taking, and bring with you a referral for autologous blood-transfusion, which will be issued by the indicating doctor. You should not come to the blood-taking with an empty stomach. Fat-free breakfast with plenty of fluids is suitable.
As part of the blood-transfusion following assessment will be conducted:

  • measurement of blood pressure and pulse,
  • blood test-FBC,
  • subsequent testing of your blood group
  • subsequent testing for hepatitis B, hepatitis C, HIV, syphilis.


  • prevention of transmission of infectious diseases,
  • prevention of the formation of antibodies against foreign blood cells (antigens),
  • reduction of risk in post transfusion reactions.


  • hematoma at the site of the needle insertion (prevention is a proper pressing down of the injection site)
  • dizziness following the blood-transfusion (prevention is an adequate intake of fluids prior to the blood-transfusion and a few-minute rest in the chair after the blood-transfusion).